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I love social media and I’ve had some incredible experiences and opportunities just by engaging with others on various platforms. Back in 2007/2008, Etsy gave me my first real taste of the power of digital engagement. By the time that I got home from my first NASATweetup (now called NASASocial) in 2011, I was 110% convinced that social media was my kind of playground.

Something else started to happen though; I started to realize the incredible power of having the ability to reach out across borders, or different walks of life and find commonalities with others whom I would have never known otherwise. Someone recently asked me if it is strange finally meeting someone that I’ve only “known” online. The answer: Nope. Some of the friendships that I’ve been so very blessed to have, have spanned years- yes YEARS- before the stars align and both of us are in the same general area of the world at the same time. At that point, yes, you are meeting “IRL” for the first time, but you wind up just jumping into conversations that had been started long ago! Words can connect us in very real ways.

With that said, I realized that I’ve collected quite a few new followers and friends who might not know too much about me, how I got to where I am, or where I’m going. When the adorable Kelley Wheelock tagged me in a #20ThingsAboutMe post on Instagram, I figured perhaps this time I should play along!

I looked around my kitchen, dishes drying in the sink, and a few still on the counter from lunch. The table was covered in papers, notebooks, books filled with dog-earred corners and streaks of highlighter. My laptop hummed and the coffee pot was gurgling… the second time that day. For about 10 seconds, I thought that I should tidy up and set the scene. And then I realized that if I’m going to share, I mean really share, then it should be an honest glimpse into my little corner of the world. SO… here are 20 Things About Me that you may or may not know. (I’ve expanded from the original post on a few.)

1) I turned 36 this week and I’m still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. I feel as if God is shouting “Warmer. Warmer. Getting warmer.” with each step I take.

2) I am equally split between being an introvert and extrovert. Myers Briggs tried a few times to hash it out, but I always test as an equal split.

3) Attending the last shuttle launch (STS-135) with #NASASocial was a life changing event, reigniting my childhood passion for space. That big picture thinking and perspective on our part in this world (and beyond) has been like a life raft during some rough waters.

4) It must be genetic because my daughter loves everything space related just as much as I do.

5) My calico cat bullies me.

6) I’m a singing dancing fool in the comfort of my kitchen or my car. If you drive by me, please don’t judge. If you do… it’s not going to make me stop.

7) I am an eternal optimist, even when there are a thousand reasons not to be.

8) Georgia O’Keeffe is my favorite artist.

9) Ringo is my favorite Beatle.

10) I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee… and sometimes wine.

11) I forgot to write #11 on my original Instagram list. I’m far from perfect, so you better learn to deal with that now or just carry on about your business, thank you very much.

12) I lived in Hawaii for a few years and although Westchester NewYork is home, I miss Hawaii daily. DAILY.

13) I married my HS sweetheart when I was 22.

14) I was a military spouse, then veteran spouse for 11 yrs before my marriage ended.

15) Divorce stings. Even when everyone gets along well and it is respectful and far from being one of those “messy” ones, it still stings and there is no way of getting around that nugget.

16) I still struggle with being a single mom.

17) I miss my friends who are scattered across the globe. Selfishly wish they all get stationed near me. Permanently. We would have an amazing neighborhood.

18) West Point feels like home… which is silly because I am not a graduate, nor did I ever live there.

19) I am writing a book; a memoir about how I’m healing my broken heart and overcoming life’s unexpected change in direction. Right now, it’s a mystery. Okay, not really. Actually, it’s a love story. No, not that kind of love story; a love story that goes well beyond the perimeters of romantic love.

20) Besides the years I struggled with infertility, I’ve never wanted anything more than I want this: to share this story- my story. Writing it is the one thing that, as @libbydoodle says, I “cannot NOT do.” And so, I write.

*Original list shared here on Instagram.

Life isn’t always what you planned, but I can finally say that I am grateful for each and every step that has brought me to where I stand right now. Even the difficult ones. Strike that; ESPECIALLY the difficult ones. They are the steps that have made me dream bigger, dig deeper and have tested me to see who I truly am at the core of it all.

And that’s that.

Now don’t get all giddy and ask me when you can get your hands on a copy of my book, because the truth is, it is not yet complete. Soon. Me and my kiddo have some things to do this summer in order for me to finish the last chapter. I’m just starting the journey of taking my little story out to get some sun. Hopefully I’ll continue to build interest and support as I try to keep myself afloat until this story is ready to take off.

If you are interested in reading what I have to write- then please make sure to say so! (It may be just the thing I need to help me get this off the ground in a very real way!)

book update: Click HERE to read more
Dreams While Sleeping SCHWARK
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4 comments on “20 Things About Me: Kelly Schwark
    • Thanks for asking, Richard. I have a few titles that I’m trying on as I work out the rest of the story and fine tune the writing. Time will tell, but I’ll be sure to keep you (and everyone else) posted! Thanks again!

  1. I have always loved everything you write! as well as all your art, whether it was in the form of paintings or pictures. You are an amazing young woman (emphasis on young!)

    and don’t worry about deciding what to do when you grow up, Im still thinking about that and I will be many years older than you in Aug.

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