Breathing in Struggle, Exhaling Hope

“You’re good under pressure; I’m sure you’ll figure something out,” a dear friend said to me this week. I realized that her observation was accurate, but I dreaded going back to the starting line of Struggle. Knowing that this time, the shortest distance that I would be required to run would be a full-fledged marathon, I was exhausted at just the idea of it. But she did have a point. Stoked by challenges, my creativity is always awake, alert, and eager to share valuable nuggets of wisdom she picks up along the way.

And that is exactly what has happened.

In the darkness of┬áthe early winter morning, my eyes still heavy from sleep I did not fancy to wake from, these words firmly pressed upon my heart, begging to be released. I grabbed a sheet of slightly crumpled printer paper in the scrap pile on my mess of a desk and wrote these words: “Okay, God, it is time to move those mountains,” quickly posting the image and my thoughts to my Instagram account.

“A deep rumbling was felt at her feet, resonating deep within her chest and in the pit of her stomach. From where she stood, she could see dark clouds swirling high above the path where she just traveled. At first, she assumed the deep rumbling came from the brewing storm, but when her awareness shifted from the storm she had escaped to the warmth spreading upon her back, she turned around, once again to face the light. It was not the sound of the storm that echoed inside her, but it was the very sound of mountains being moved. A simple turn in direction and outstretched before her was not the grumbling of the past, but the shaping of her future.” Just a passing, but quite pressing, thought that I HAD to jot down this morning. And THAT, my dear friends, is how I’m choosing to start the year.

I have no idea what this year, let alone what the future, has in store for me but I tell you this: I am ready, and I look forward to sharing the journey with every one of you. Although my little corner here has been somewhat quiet over the past year, my thoughts and reflections have been at a constant simmer, occasionally bubbling over onto my Instagram account. The majority of my story, however, has been focused on my (currently unpublished) book, and within the pages of my journal. But now? Oh, I am ready to bring you all along, and share with you the view of the mountains as they begin to move.

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